Our Mission: NAICA’s mission is to empower the residents of The Bronx by providing culturally sensitive services to children, youth, seniors and families.
Company Overview: 
Our primary focus in the Bronx is geared towards single adults, families and seniors who are indigent and/or homeless or at risk of losing their homes. NAICA is a not-for-profit, multi-service, family-oriented housing and human service agency that provides culturally sensitive services to children, youth, seniors and families.
The agency’s core methods of services include affordable housing development & construction, housing management, legal assistance and representation, homeless prevention & stabilization, case management/case work, and community education and development.
In 1989, NAICA was designated a Neighborhood Preservation Company by the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. Since then, NAICA has received annual administrative awards to provide a variety of housing related services and develop affordable housing opportunities in the Bronx. For the last 20 years, DHCR has provided funds to NAICA for the purpose of helping Bronx residents with their housing needs. As a designated Neighborhood Preservation Company, NAICA offers services to residents, building owners, businesses, and community stakeholders to ensure that their housing needs are met, without displacing current community residents. Furthermore, transforming aging neighborhoods into more prosperous ones has increased new business developments, therefore job opportunities, improved transportation, schools and other community services. As part of the overall transformation, NAICA has played a major role in rehabilitating run-down buildings, developing tenants’ associations, addressing building code violations, and developing new housing throughout the Bronx. NAICA continues to build and expand its commitment to the economic, social and cultural resurgence of Bronx neighborhoods.
Finally, the NAICA Legal Services Program serves approximately seven hundred families annually who have been petitioned or are at risk of being evicted. From 1992-2003, NAICA was funded by the Human Resources Administration (HRA) under its EAF Legal Services Project to provide legal representation, financial assistance, grant application processing, counseling and case management to unemployed individuals or low-income families whose earning placed them below the Federal Poverty levels and were facing eviction at the Bronx Housing Court. From 2003-present NAICA has received funding from the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) under the same EAF Legal Services Project to provide the same services listed above. NAICA has successfully prevented the eviction of thousands of families as a result of our anti-eviction legal representation program. 

Mr. Eduardo LaGuerre, CEO 


Mr. Richard Izquierdo Arroyo, COO


Mrs. Shameeka Gonzalez-Gamboa, CFO  




Mrs. Elvira Barone

Board Chair

Mr. Jose Ferrer

Vice Board Chair


Ms. Carmen Aquino

Board Treasurer / Chair, Finance & Audit Committee


Ms. Linda Duke

Board Secretary


Mr. Ululy Rafael Martinez, Esq.

Chair, By Laws & Governance Committee


Ms. Rosemarie Torres

Chair, Nominating Committee


Ms. Angie Gonzalez

Board Member  
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Board Member
Mr. Victor Negron, Esq.
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